You’re Wrong. But we can help you, fix it, and it’ll make great sales!

I talk to so many people who believe a great product markets itself. 

I talk to other people who believe great marketing will be too expensive. 

Both are almost always wrong. 

The truth is you need a great product combined with great marketing. 

This combination will make you unstoppable.

Precise audience targeting.  Compelling messaging. Engaging campaign.  Perfect execution.

With digital marketing, budgets are much less than you think.  

(that billboard cost you $20,000 and you have no idea if it delivered anything)

(that radio spot cost you $8,000 — we both know you lost all that money)

Digital marketing costs a fraction of those prices with guaranteed results and you’ll receive on-going reports (and great sales) to prove it’s working.

Our work costs significantly less.  We guarantee results.  You will see progress within days.

Every click is measured.  Every view is counted. Every lead is followed-up.  We are transparent and our results are delivered and explained.  You’re encouraged to ask questions.

Here at United Digital, we only work with clients who have products or services we believe in. Honestly, it’s just not worth it otherwise.

Delivering mediocre results doesn’t excite anyone.

But..  we’ve delivered BIG results for over 13 years now.  That’s exciting to everyone!

Our job is to take that incredible product / service, and add the type of marketing that will get it noticed by the right audience, to drive sales to a new level — a higher level than you could have possibly expected.

Let’s set up a conversation.  I wanna hear about what you’re working on!



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