What’s the easiest way to get new paying clients in the door? We have answers

When I’m talking about new business, people always want to know …

What’s the easiest way to get new clients in the door?

Here’s my answer:

1 Case Study / Testimonials

3 Quality Video Ads

Email Follow-Up Sequence 

(these are all parts of my campaign recipe — find the full thing here)

So what we do is shoot 2 – 3 VIDEOS going over your target client’s biggest problems…

Let’s say their biggest problem is getting new patients to their doctor’s office…

We’d shoot 3 big idea videos going over how to fix certain ailments, it could be how to heal your back problems, how to prevent a head cold, how to relieve an ache…

Each video would call them out in the headline, and say “Do you have XXXX Pain?”

Then the video would go over some of the ways to fix it, then you can have them opt-in to your email capture to see the in-depth case study about this specific pain / problem.

You’d capture their name, email, and phone number. We do this with Leadpages or ClickFunnels, then you have the video they’d watch for 3 – 5 – 8 minutes, at the end of the content, you’d simply ask them if they want help fixing that specific problem.

If yesm book a call to talk with the specialist, or even give them a discount code to incentivize them to come in for a doctor’s visit.

Then the email sequence begins.  We would push an informative email to these visitors who haven’t booked a call yet or meeting yet.  We would automate 10 emails.  About one per day for 5 days.  Then one per week for the next five weeks.

We want them to remember you.  We want them to associate you with smart, relevant, helpful advice.

You can have testimonial emails, case study emails, whatever you want to have them actually setup an appointment to come in and get work done.

Friendly emails.  Non-invasive.  Genuinely give away great advice.
(If that makes you nervous, let’s be honest.  You’re a pro with years of experience.  You could fill five books with random helpful facts and never run out of ideas.  Giving 10 quality tips isn’t that hard).
But aim for the best.  Aim for truly helpful quality tips.  Your 5 best, 5 most popular.

This is one of the simplest strategies we run all time — and it works. It often brings in 500 – 700-ish appointments a month at scale.

(Now think about how much you bring in per appointment.  Not bad, right?)
Pssst – Another step in our strategy is about sustaining those clients.  Keeping them happy.  Keeping them booking more visits.
Let’s get to work for you! 🙂
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