Uncover the Truth to selling your event like a rockstar (merch too!)

An inaugural event is a whole different beast from a returning event, (and we can do that too.)  But for now let’s talk about returning events — so it’s at least in its second year.


We use our strategy and our recipe to grow your brand while launching your sales!  Sometimes this takes up to 90 days. For an event, the timeline and sales cycle is dependent on when tickets open and when featured announcements!


So our first step is to work with you to clarify the marketing aspect of your business plan.  


Then we tell your story using creative content — blogs, graphics, pictures, videos.  


Next we advertising to attract your audience — current and new customers


We repeat  these steps again, adjusting the messaging

This is the beauty and affordability of digital marketing — the targeting is very specific and the results are very tangible (unliked traditional marketing –billboard, radio, etc)


Price point notwithstanding, if your event was profitable last year and you have a budget, this year we’re going to double it!




Timing matters.


We need a proper timeline.  We need media collateral from last year.  Pics, video, press articles. Our team wants to look at everything you have so we can start building our strategy.

Secondly, how is this year different?  Is it bigger? Is it the same, with smaller differences?  Different acts, different vendors, different location.


So as a reminder:


Who is your audience?

How are you reaching your audience?

What message are you sharing with your audience?

How are you building your audience community?


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