It’s a hard pill for most people to swallow.

Realizing that not everyone is your audience. Not everyone wants to eat at your restaurant Or see your movie

Or read your book
Or have you design their new home.
Or even have you do their bookkeeping
And the more you stretch your art in hopes that other people will like it…
The more you alienate your current fans who like your art for exactly what it is. So what’s the answer?
That’s what my work does.
Finding the right audience to target for your business
And building more of your audience from there.
Having 100 passionate, loyal fans
is far more important than having 500 fans who don’t care that much about you. Those who don’t care will move on.
Those who are passionate will wait in line to see your work
tell their friends about your work
help you create more fans.
Our next step is building fans to 1,000, but that’s another conversation entirely. If you’re ready to build your fans.

If your business is ready for your next 100 new buying customers, my business can help you.