Your virtual tasting was great

You have a great product. Delicious. A great offer.

It was fun. I enjoyed hearing from you.

But you’re losing so much money

And these events are designed to make you lots of money

We did a virtual tasting just a few weeks ago that did 5x its investment.

Everyone was happy

And there’s no reason you can’t be happy too

So, let me help you with some ideas

about how to make more money with it

And not just today. Not just once

A well-done virtual event – like your tasting-  keeps paying off for days, weeks and even months in the future

Here’s why this is really important

Obviously during a pandemic it was great to have virtual events to share and promote offers

and to make money selling your things.

But even when the pandemic ends and the world re-opens, virtual isn’t going away.

Way too many companies made money and made alot of money doing virtual events

Your competitors made better money doing better virtual events

I know because we produced some of them

True story.  Forbes covered one of the events we did.  

So at best, the future is a hybrid of real, in-person events and virtual events

So,  you gotta get  better at them. Take them seriously

Because the companies who are working with us and taking it seriously, are making money

Your email list of invites should be growing

The narrative structure of your event should be sharp.

Please don’t tell me you just casually have rambling conversation for most of the time.

You’re putting on a show, shows need story, folks.

You have call to actions, you have follow-ups, maybe you have an event exclusive coupon


You’re making it entertaining and interesting

Remember an audience is watching. If you’re boring them, you’re losing.

If you’re not coming out of each of your virtual events with at least these five wins,

Then you’re losing.

And I don’t want you to lose.