Here’s a transcription of the video:

A not-so-secret social media secret.

The Instagram comment section is one of the best places to spark conversations and get visibility the better you can use it the better result you will get.

You can add a recommendations based on the post for example I loved how you explain this I think blank also helps a lot what do you think

You can show curiosity and excitement if you learned something new for example wow that was cool can you explain more

You can tell them if you disagree with anything for example: ‘I really enjoyed the content but I respectfully disagree with your point’ and then share your reason

You can show your funny side with commenting for an example my finger is hurting after engaging haha

You can show your appreciation or give a compliment if you don’t have much to add for example thanks for sharing this amazing post learn something new

The most important thing?

Yhe comment you are making must come from your heart and do not fake it