Selling is an Exchange of Value

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I mixed myself a nice green juice this morning before writing this. Celery, carrots, kale, chlorophyll, charcoal, What are you drinking? 

A few days ago, a person inquired about my business coaching offer, specifically my one hour coaching class. I asked her about her challenges. She needed some motivation but also some time balancing work.  After listening, I knew I could help her and I told her my rate. 

After a moment of thinking, she replied that it was too much for her to pay, which is a reasonable response. I hear it occasionally. But as soon as I did this time, I knew two ways I failed in this conversation. 

  1. She felt the value of my consultation rate was equal to something else she could do with that money. 
  2. I didn’t do a good enough job explaining how to value the results she’d get for the money she’s spending. 

Selling is an Exchange of Value

Throughout my business career, I’ve paid thousands of dollars for business advice that went on to make me tens of thousands in return. Once I even wrote a single blog that ended up earning me over $100,000 in consulting and speaking revenue.  (For better or worse – lol) I write my own blogs, but even imagine if I hired someone at $1000 to write that blog. It would have been worth it if it earned me $100,000 back, right? Good deal, right? 

I charge $250 an hour for my coaching. A good friend of mine charges $2550 an hour, and his advice is VERY much worth it. What we charge isn’t nearly as important as what we deliver for tangible value. 

That’s the reality and I hope it makes sense to you.  Let it sink in.

If my advice helps you earn tens of thousands of dollars, and all it costs you is $250 and an hour of your time, would you make the purchase? Surely.

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