Rich Company Owner or Poor Company Owner (which one are you?)

Let’s talk about two different types of companies


And I want to know, which of these two companies do you most relate to? 


Poor Company Owner (PC) is desperate for referrals. They depend on them. They have no stability in their life. 


PC might earn $10,000 one month then $3,000 the next. PC is stressed about the bills, always worried about financial security. 


PC has very little money saved away. Feels a massive amount of pressure to close every single sales call – livelihood depends on it. Because of all that pressure though, Poor Company doesn’t do well. 


Sometimes calls make PC owner anxious or nervous. And the owner has no leverage on the calls because PC MUST get the business…so (yes, sometimes) they undercharge.


Now let’s change gears.  Let’s talk about the Rich Company Owner (RC)


Rich Company has a steady pipeline of 150-200 new prospects per week. 


RC set up a simple online sales funnel with FB Ads – it automates their lead-gen. At the end of the funnel, prospects book a time to call Rich Company. 


This means Rich Company is completely free from referrals. And when then get on sales calls, there’s absolutely no pressure to close. If they wins the sale– great. If not – no problem, they’ve got hundreds of additional prospects, and they knows they’ll close a lot of them. 


Rich Company might make $30,000 one month and $50,000 the next month. It still varies, but it’s so much money that Rich Company Owner is never stressed about the bills. 


In fact, RC could take a three-month vacation and business would still be chugging along. 



It’s that moment.

The moment of realization.

Which business owner are you? 


Do you have a …. Poor Company … or a Rich Company  ….?


Because make no mistake.  It.  Is. A.  Choice.  

My team and I talk to anywhere from 50-250 business owners, entrepreneurs, and charities a week…


And the overwhelming majority of them have plateau’d in the “Poor Company” category. No steady flow of leads. Empty sales appointment calendars. Stressing about money. 


So when we (usually me, personally) show them the way we do things…which is the “Rich Company” way, their eyes light up. ..


Let’s set up a phone call or meet up in person.


Let’s talk about making your company truly LAUNCH!


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