Joe Wehinger Shares Expert Tips for Email Marketing in 2019

My name is Joe Wehinger. Our team is United Digital and Associates. We’re a southern California based digital marketing company. This year for us has been all the upgrades, so we have a new facility, we have new cameras, new lights, new audio. We’re very excited for opportunities this year. So what we’re gonna talk about right now is new trends for marketing and specifically here are five new email trends for 2019. Let’s get into it now.

Email is most likely your most popular communication platform. Why? Because it’s the quickest and most convenient way for you as a business to reach out to your customers, your prospects and your partners. In addition to that as a tool, it earns the highest return on investment. Whether you’re a small business, medium or large.

You should have an automated email funnel triggered upon visitors signup on your website. They immediately receive a welcome message and then a message of value on day two, day four and day six at which point they can transfer to a weekly newsletter. That email list becomes incredibly important to you as long as you target and segment the audience. How did you meet this person? What are their professional interests? And most importantly, what value can you create for them? As soon as your emails start losing value, they’re likely going to unsubscribe. However, if you do your homework and consistently create high value content per each audience segment, you will likely build trust and you’re likely going to secure a future partnership with that professional.

Most of us don’t like receiving HTML emails. Why? They’re usually very graphic heavy, so they feel spammy, they feel sales oriented, they certainly don’t feel sincere. However, a text only email can feel more authentic and more personable. So then ask yourself, “Okay, if you’re going to do tech space, how do we make it more interactive?” You can consider things like adding quizzes, adding GIFs, adding giveaways and contests. These are all different elements that you can use to make storytelling happen, so it’s a way to entertain and engage your audience while using branded storytelling in your communication. Done correctly it’s a win, win, win.

Recognize mobile use. Without a doubt the best marketing strategy for your email is to format the content to be dynamic on your mobile device. Why? Think about today. The last time you checked your email today, how did you do it? You probably reached down into your pocket, pulled out your phone and checked your email on your handheld device. More than 50% of email is checked on your mobile device. Less than 25% is checked on a computer. I’ll give you more than that. There are more than 900 million Gmail accounts. Out of those 900 million, more than 75% of them check their email on mobile. So if you want to create a meaningful message for your audience, why wouldn’t you create it specifically for the method they’re most likely going to receive it on, their device.

Personal privacy. This is a short one, easy to implement, legally necessary and frankly should be a no brainer. You should be doing it already. In North America we have software that protects our emails and keeps them pretty secure. Now as of May, 2018 around the world, we have to execute the GDPR. It is the General Data Protection Regulation. So make sure your emails follow that regulation of those guidelines. Not only is it important, not only does it protect you as an individual, it protects you as a business and most importantly, it protects your email list, all of their privacy as well. So please do it if you haven’t already. Implement it immediately. It helps all of us. Thank you.

Email personalization is the final step through the process of targeting, segmenting, creating high value content for that person, and now we’re going to deliver it on a first name basis. Where there’s a subject title, dear salutation, throughout the article should probably drop in the first name two to three times throughout the body. So salutation is Dear Johnny, we begin our statement. We follow up. Johnny again. Thank you Johnny. Having that one- on-one personal relationship allows for a much more engaging conversation and hopefully compels that person to have a further professional relationship with you.

Here’s our bonus. Artificial intelligence. Yes. We always, always try to do a bonus. Who doesn’t love a bonus? This bonus is more of a hopeful message in the future. Adobe did a study last year and they developed AI using algorithms and they came up with a lot of helpful strategies and suggestions for open rates, conversion rates, click-throughs. So the hopeful message to us all is if we embrace AI, we will get better results from it.

Thank you for following. My name is Joe, Wehinger. This is United Digital and Associates. I would love if you click subscribe, if you click like, if you comment below, let us know what you think of the video. Let us know if you agree or disagree or what marketing tactics are helping you out with your email. So I look forward to talking with you next time. Thank you again.

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