joe wehinger reveals how facebook can skyrocket your business

Facebook is a powerful social network that combines newsfeeds from your friends and what they “like” across the internet.  It can help your brand stay in touch with your audience (customers, potential customers, media), gain advocates for your message, drive fans to events and promotions, boost the visibility of your website and share photos or videos. 


Audience targeting is an incredibly powerful way to invite potential customers to learn about your message.  Whether you run a brick and mortar store that only serves in-person or you have a global brand (or e-commerce) that benefits from reaching out to customers around the world, this targeting brings measurable results.

Awareness, Engagement, and call to action help guide your customer from the outside world into an opportunity to receive your offer and build a relationship.  Analytics offered help you track the step by step progress and learn which keywords, pictures, text and promotions are most helpful.

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