Is it finally time (…to grow your revenue by a million?)

And just like that…..

January is almost over. 

11 more months and then 2020 is over.

People at my office ask why I am so strict about time.

(I guess I talk about it a lot)

Truth is…

You better value your time, because it’s all you have.

I ruthlessly scrutinize and manage my time.

Accounting for every hour.  Sometimes 20 minute chunks.

Because I recognize that every single unit of my time…

Is the most valuable resource in my life.


1 of your 12 units (months) of time for 2020 is gone.

Have you put a plan in place to achieve your results?

Have you increased your website traffic?

Have you doubled your leads of ‘ready to buy’ prospects?

Hired your new salesperson…

Started your diet.

Or even built that funnel?

If not, time is not on your side.

So instead of waiting until “soon”… 

Or “tomorrow”. 

Where everything is done on your to-do list.

When you finally have all the resources you need.

And you’re on top of your game.

“…now is the PERFECT time to act!”

Well, I can tell you from experience…

That time NEVER comes. 

It’s never the ‘perfect’ time to put a plan in motion.

But an imperfect plan executed violently today…

Is far better than a perfect plan executed tomorrow. 

So here is what to do…

Instead of waiting…

Book a call with my team today.

Don’t want to talk to them – want to talk to me?


We’ll show you how to hit your revenue goals for 2020. 

Yep, sure, we’ll even come up with a plan for you. 


How many leads you’ll need. 

Master your offer.

Build out your funnels. 

Write your ads. 

Set up the tech. 

And even show you how to mercilessly beat your competition. 


It all starts with a free strategy session.


Stop! No. Don’t. Say. It.

“I don’t have enough time.” 

You don’t need much. 

Our team does the work for you. 

Leaving you plenty of time to play videogames. 

But, truth is we only like to partner with hungry businesses.

Not the “wantrepreneurs” on the sidelines…


Are you hungry for:

More revenue.

Higher profits.

Less stress.

More freedom.

And more money to buy kale chips and green shakes.

Then this will be the best 30 minute call you spend on your business this year.

Let us show you what’s possible.

Whether you’re at $100k and want to hit a 7-figures.

Or at 1 million and want to go to 10.

Or you’re a non-profit looking to double your donors.

We have the plan on how to do it. And the team to make it happen.

So book in your call here before they all get taken.

Because, honestly, maybe your competition is reading this too…

And maybe they take action while you are hmmm-ing and. 

I hope not. 

Because you’re way cooler and better looking. 


Let’s kick 2020’s ass!.

Book in your call now — I mean it


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