Is a Conference Worth it? What’s the best value for growing your business?

Sometimes people have a tough time understanding how to value their investments. 

Here’s an example.  Let’s assume I decide I want to go to a conference in San Francisco. 

  • Round trip on Southwest – $400 
  • Conference ticket – $800
  • Hotel room – $200/day so $400
  • Meals – $200
  • Lyft – $100
  • Drinks with friends I meet there – $200

$2100? Right? 

Let’s say I get 4 or 5 ideas from the conference. Plus, I get a few new quality business leads to follow up with later. Is that worth $2100?  Honestly….? Maybe. 

Add on the time away from family, time away from the office.  Other expenses and costs (time we can’t employ) in other ways to earn money because we’re tied up spending that money. 

Is a conference worth it? 

For sure, if you can pull more than $2100 in value from your time spent there. 

I’ve attended conferences and made around $20,000-plus in consulting fees from contacts I’ve met at those events. 

Keep The Mindset Going

Now I’m offering 1-on-1 coaching, customized to the exact and specific needs and questions you have stopping you from growing, evolving, achieving levels of success. 

Is that worth more or less than you attending an event where you hope to jot down some ideas in your notes and hope you understand and implement them later on?

The Value of 1-1

For me, there’s almost no end to the value of 1-1 coaching.  I’ve built my career off learning from coaches and mentors.  I’ve grown several successful businesses off learning with and from coaches and mentors.  Later this year (2020), I will re-invest $10,000+ in more coaching for myself.

Is that how you learn best?

And for me, as a coach and consultant, learning someone’s life and providing deliverables that I know will make differences for them — faster results, long-term benefits, more profit. The accountability of supporting as they move forward and making suggestions to keep the path clear and the results certain.

What are you currently dealing with?  What are your problems?

Reach out and let’s solve them — Joe (@)



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