Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Communication is key for a successful project.  We are always happy to answer questions

Do we have to be in Los Angeles to work with you?

Not at all. We currently have projects on three different continents. With emails, phone calls, and skype, we communicate without missing a beat while being anywhere in the world.

What kind of projects are your specialty?

Our specialty is working with great, passionate clients.  We currently work with authors, entrepreneurs, charities, corporations, live events, movies, publicity firms and more.

We’ve had some not-great internet-based experiences before. What’s the best way to try again?

No worries. We are friendly and gentle.  Promise.  Reach out however you’re most comfortable (phone or email), let us know your concerns and we’ll start with a easy-going conversation.  We pride ourselves on making this process smooth, simple and comfortable for you.