Does your business produce or consume social media?

When it comes to Social Media for your business…

Your business can be a Producer or a Consumer.

I’ve talked about this before (maybe too often?)

Which one are you?

Becoming a Producer requires a mind shift…

It requires you to change how you see and use social media.

When you are a Producer, social media marketing can become a SOURCE of traffic.

And a business TOOL.

Need advice?   Follow my ‘Joe’s Dream List” on each platform.  We talk about this a lot in our consultations.

(If you’re curious, schedule a consultation – TODAY)

Then when you log in to any of the platforms, you’ll quickly get a glimpse of what your community and fans are posting and get ideas you can model.

Also, you will be able to start engaging your community in conversations by commenting on THEIR posts and messaging them through direct messages.

First impressions count.

Digital, and otherwise.

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