digital marketer JOe Wehinger gets crazy about social media

Social media allows your brand to speak in real-time, with a genuine voice.  Unlike marketing brochures and billboards that are edited and drafted before publication, social media outlets demand unfiltered and immediate responses.  Social media is a way to build long-term relationships, rather than to just promote a campaign. 

Creating a Facebook page can be a great way to provide your audience (customers, potential customers, media, vendors, clients) with important information in a timely manner.  You can use Facebook to alert people to time-sensitive information, such as registration dates, information about special events (fundraisers or competitions), practice information, etc.  It’s also fun for customers to get involved and interact with each other.

Creating a Twitter profile allows a similar conversation as Facebook, but on a different media, with a different style (shorter content) and a different crowd of audience.  Here it’s much more about short conversations that can be real-time and spread to the masses, but on-going conversation can be common depending on the brand’s relationship.  

YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat offer different types of video, from long-form to short, to less than 10-second, to live-streaming with each avenue designed to appeal to a different audience segment.

Using social media is a way you can listen, communicate and participate with your fan base in a very personal and natural exchange.  

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