Case Study

Decades Rewind is a musical show that wanted to build a bigger online audience for ticket sales and a membership club.


The Challenge

The goal was to build the audience and awareness for the brand and its event, create messaging that engaged the various personalities to expand loyalty; and sell tickets to the event.

The Approach

Social media is conservative about politics, so in order to reach masses, we had to massage the messaging, playing more towards lifestyle preferences.  (ie.  If you’re an anarchist/libertarian, you also may feel strongly about these alternative topics…)

As pre-sale and tickets open, we switched from building an audience to converting that audience into buyers.


Social Media Marketing

The Result

The audience increased from 4,000 to over 30,000.  Most posts earned 30+ engagements, many receiving over 200 likes and comments.

During the prime sales period, we pushed more than 10,000 targeted buyers to the website weekly.