Here are just some of our client success stories


Joey Kramer's
Rockin' & Roastin' Coffee

Thunderbird Spirit Water

Decades Rewind

“Joe is knowledgeable and great.  A true expert.  He delivered exactly what he promised and more.”

“Joe was referred to us and I’m very glad we chose him.  He has great strategy and brought us the results we wanted.”

“Joe has great knowledge and brought us better results and faster results.  Highly recommended.”

Robert Pineda

Jessica Kill

John Truby

Robert Pineda

“Joe is my secret weapon. I’ve brought him on several of my projects and now I wouldn’t start a new project without him.”

“Joe brought great ideas and insight.   I am very happy.”

“I’ve worked with Joe for over a decade and more than 50 or projects around the country.  He is great!”



LA Wine Fest

Las Vegas Global WIne Awards

“Joe helped us find a bigger audience and we had our best sales yet.”

“Joe helped me for more than 8 years.  I trust him” 

“Joe is a marketing genius who gave me incredible results.”



Special Olympics LA

“Joe’s communication and leadership improved our fundraising and grew our donor list.”

“Our audience grew.  Our donations grew.  We had a great year.  Thank you Joe”

“Joe is a valued advisor and we absolutely thrive with his guidance.”

Daily Ovation

Only The Wealthy Media

Celebrity Sugar

“Joe’s leadership and guidance has helped us grow beyong our initial vision into much more abitious success.”

“Joe helps us tackle big problems and create a strategy to brung us success every year.”

“Joe has been essential in helping us find our audience and grow”