Joe Wehinger founded United Digital & Associates in 2011.  After nearly a decade as a screenwriter, producer and director working in feature films and TV movies, Joe decided to expand his work into commercials and short form content.

Joe quickly teamed up with many of the best graphic designers, copywriters, website designers around the world to create visually dazzling, emotionally compelling and effective advertising.

Over 10 years ago we started with the simple idea of using storytelling and technology to help client businesses find bigger success.  

We create strategies to help our clients find more customers and make a positive difference in communities around the world while also creating more profit for our clients.

While technology continues to grow, the power of storytelling has never been changed.

In addition, our team continues to grow in order to fill the needs of our clients. 

  • Copywriters who specialize in: e-commerce, hospitality, tourism, consumer goods
  • Graphic designers
  • Experts in email marketing
  • Experts in social media marketing
  • Experts in SEO (on-page and off-page)

We help our clients become more successful by mastering these services:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Email marketing
  3. SEO
  4. Website design

Proudly, our services have helped our clients grow their businesses and make their professional dreams come true.