About our company

We’re United Digital & Associates.

We’re a full-service, award-winning global agency that connects brands with their audience using storytelling, entertainment and technology, built for today’s ever-evolving world of communication.

We work with awesome people like you all the time to help make your project better and help exponentially increase results!

We are a team of wizards and warriors, artists, and misfit toys — here to help you – to create memorable moments and remarkable results.

We have North American locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, Napa, Las Vegas — but we are ready an able to work on projects around the globe. (In 2019, we did location work in Africa, Europe and throughout North America)

Social Media | Digital Marketing | Email Marketing | Video Production | Gamification | Live Events | Website & E-Commerce This is our jam! We love it!

24 / 7 Support

Every day — 24 / 7 / 365 — we support brands around the country and around the world as they connect with their audience in interesting and passionate ways. Why? Because that’s our thing. We love connecting and we love inspiring people just like you to get as passionate about your work as we are about ours. We love our partners!