3 easy ways to boost your business right now


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Like me, you might be sick of all the coronavirus emails.

So instead of focusing on the worried uncertainty, I want to give you three things you can do to BOOST  your business right now.

#1 Focus on the problems you can solve for your customers.

Seems obvious, right? But there are people (and business) stressed right now wondering if it’s okay to profit during a crisis.

My response: if both sides profit, then definitely! If you can transition or adapt your services to help a need people are having right now, you both win.

It’s our job as entrepreneurs and business owners to provide solutions to people’s problems, stay profitable if we can,  keep the economy healthier for everyone in the long-term.

A healthy economy keeps money coming in, keeps jobs available, keeps resources available, and brings in income for lots of people.

#2 Call your customers to tell them thank you.

This one seems so simple, but how often do we not think of it?  A quick call  A “thanks for being a customer” or a “Thanks for your loyalty.”  Even a more direct “We’re open to serve you.”

You don’t need to call and sell anything. Just thank your customers and let them know how you can be there for them.

And ask how they’re doing!

#3 How ’bout consciously result the negativity?

The point here isn’t to bury your head in the sand and pretend it’s not happening.

But at some point, you should shut off all the negative messages focused on all the fear, anxiety, and the negative side.

There are people out there doing positive things. We have to recognize there are upsides even in the worst times.

If you can be empathetic to your customer’s concerns, while bringing them a message of hope and positivity, I think those things could make a HUGE difference right now.

Hopefully these tips might inspire you or move you forward in your business.

Let’s keep the conversation going.

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