United Digital & Associates is proud to support charities and non-profit organizations with their awareness and fundraising. The most common tools we use are email marketing, digital marketing, and video production.

It is a fact that non-profits are simply not immune to the changes by the latest trend and technology. In other parts of our lives, technological advancements are indirectly changing the way the donors are interacting with the organizations they want to donate to. Speaking about the reality – nonprofits must keep up with the ever changing demands and expectations of the donor with the communities they are looking to serve.

Moving towards 2019, here are the five digital trends that you should not miss in the upcoming year. Let’s have a look at them…

1. Giving Automation/marketing software

Whether you have a big or small non-profit, it’s pretty unlikely to treat every support in the same way due to your resources and time. The reality check is – Non-profit organizations shouldn’t want to. But when you use marketing automation software, it creates personalized appeals and puts the donors on individualized methods into the company that result in deeper engagement with your mission or a specific program of the non-profits.

2. Using Technology to Encourage Recurring Giving

One of the largest issues for non-profits is to turn one-time donors into recurring donors. The benefits of the recurring the recurring donation, are obvious. Encouraging a donor to commit to a recurring gift can be engaged using technologies and strategies that boost up the donor’s interest and make them feel connected to your organization on a regular basis.

3. Personalized and Relevant Communications

Even if you already use automation software, personalized messages play a crucial role in communications. Your messaging needs to be relevant and personal in order to keep the relationship with your supporters authentic and meaningful.

4. Regular Disruption of the Non-Profit sector by Facebook

The social network giant Facebook is doubling on deploying its commerce features that affect charitable giving. Recently, the social media platform removed charitable fundraising fees; that mean 100% of charity donations will be given to the charity. This laid a big impact on GlobalGiving and GoFundMe that as of this writing still charge a fee. With their recent efforts to create a $50 million matching fund, Facebook may take this effort even further. Because it has direct access to the unparalleled artificial intelligence engines and potential donor data, Facebook is a big competitor to the major players and is a major supporter for charities.

5. Investment in Technology

With the rise in philanthropists, attention is focusing on overhead. Moreover, they are also limiting administrative spending as the effectiveness of non-profit. Rather than wasting money, the focus will be on how effective a non-profit is toward their outcomes. The critical activities counted on by non-profits are based on financial management and evaluation. In fact, the major focus of non-profits is to serve and grow the community. As more and more non-profits are realizing that investing in technology is lucrative,  it creates opportunity to assess the organizational health along with cost per outcome.

If you questions or would like to discuss how your organization can benefit from digital marketing, please reach out to me directly: Joe@UD-a.com

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