United Digital & Associates creates digital marketing strategies for a variety of organizations. In addition to social media, website and video work. This often includes email marketing. So let’s touch upon the exciting changes and updates in store for 2019!

As a business, you must know that going digital means, you have to update and change. A good plan involves the collection of technology, insight and data and how these different things impact our strategies. One of the most popular platforms influenced by technology, insight and data is – Email. This is the fastest and the most convenient ways to interact with global people. It has been estimated that around 2.8 billion people across the world use email as a communication tool.

As there are many tools out there, it is important to stay on the top of the new and latest marketing trends. Certainly, as the trend of email is on the rise, it’s no surprise to see that it earns the highest Return on Investment marketing tool for small, medium to large size business. With the growing potential of using an email to enhance profit, it is important to make sure that you are maximizing the best email practices for your business.

The Growing Trend of Email Marketing

Perhaps, email marketing is the most desired way for businesses to increase their Return on Investment. In this blog, we will look out for the 5 email marketing trends you should look for in 2019.

1. More Target to Automation

Today, businesses are using email marketing to increase their Return on Investment. This is an easy process of segmenting and targeting to maximize profits. According to HubSpot, emails are basically targeted and segmented account for 58% of earnings.

When you target and segment them relatively, these emails play a crucial role to be targeted and increase profits up to 18 times more. The stats mean that as a business owner, you are more likely to rely more on these practices when creating your email marketing campaign. As email marketing is becoming a trendsetter, the main focus has shifted to delivering the right content to the audiences who engage with it and also find value in it.

2. More Interactive and Text-only emails

The most significant trends that will be impacting email marketing are re- targeting and segmenting. The way marketers design and format emails will be a reason of general shift in their marketing strategy the whole year. The growing popularity of email marketing is filled with ample ads that causes a big shift to the marketing campaign. Today, the trend of sending detail graphics via email has come to an end. However, this may seem quite interesting, but this can create a lot of pressure or even spam.

Speaking of spam, this is the last thing any business wants their audience to think of in their emails. According to experts, they have found that your email recipients prefer normal text over HTML style emails that rely on graphics because of plain text. When a business sends plain text, odds are they feel more sincere, less sales-oriented and personable.

When the emails are not in plain-text style, then sending emails is interactive. This means to promote engagement and keeping the audience entertained and anticipating more content, many businesses choosing interactive emails that persuade visitors. This can be done via involvement through surveys, games, contests, GIFs, quizzes etc. Another important part of interactive messaging is your Call-to-Action. Viewers can engage with the email to edit an order, shop or to update a wish list.

Certainly, plain text and interactive content provide value and also increase engagement for the audience. They can be also helpful for storytelling and grabbing the attention of the viewers and influencing their behavior to the large extent.

The messages in email marketing include a story at the beginning of the email. So, it is important to look for the right audience who can find the email engaging and respond to the story with full interest. Storytelling plays an important role in reaching the buyer segment. It can even maximize the email marketing of the marketers.

3. Increase Mobile Use

Your best email marketing strategies include email optimization for mobile devices. Most users check their email over mobile devices. 53% of emails are opened on a mobile device and 23% are opened on PCs. There are 900 million Gmail users and 75% of them uses mobile to open their email messages on their mobile devices.

4. Personal Privacy is a BIG Concern

Personal privacy matters a lot. Outside of the United States, there are some regulations changing in the favor of strict privacy policies for personal data. This change in policy is something that effect on sharing the third-party and gathering information for anyone who email content reaches the EU ie.e. European Union. It is known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has been taken into effect from May 2018.

5. Personalization at its Best

As data protection is becoming more severe for the European Union, personalizing email content is also catching the limelight. Today, strategies are becoming smarter and this enables businesses to find value in automated emails. These types of emails include the name of the readers in the second or third paragraphs and the information of user or reader’s persona. When personalized content is sent to each group, it creates a lasting impression on your recipient’s mind.

BONUS: Artificial Intelligence on the rise

Several companies are using Artificial Intelligence for making email strategies more stronger than before. Moreover, it has been used to help marketers from everything ranging from images to subject lines to predicting how a potential lead will communicate with the email, how it can become more personal, or estimate when viewers can unsubscribe from the email list. It has been expected that automated email marketing alone is expected to account for $2.7 billion by 2025.

Recently Adobe developed AI technology with a series of their latest algorithms based on the research and data from email campaigns. According to the study conducted by Adobe, email users opened 80% of all work along with 60% of the personal emails contacted by brands. With the passage of time, Artificial intelligence continues to grow, making email marketing more effective for many businesses.

From using strategies to smarter tools for reaching the potential audience via personalized messaging and storytelling, email marketing is improving a lot more and become one of the powerful and effective sources for many businesses.

As always, thank you for reading. If you have questions, ideas or want to discuss — please reach out to me directly. Joe (@) UD-a.com or 323-309-4513.

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