2018 has almost come to an end and we are moving to the New Year. There are many trends and shifts this year and in 2019 many more yet to come. Here we are going to talk about 6 tips (technically 5 and a li’l something extra) to strengthen your social media strategy. So, let’s dive in…

1. Review How Your Brand is Currently Using Social Media!

The primary step to strengthen your social media strategy is to analyze how you are using it currently. Take a step back and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Which social media networks you are using presently?
  • Are they relevant to your brand?
  • Are they relevant to your brand goals
  • Which social media network is helping you get relevant traffic?
  • Which social media networks aren’t as valuable for your business?

It is important for you to know which social networks are doing wonders for your business.

Remove your accounts from social media networks if:

  • You’ve been active for a while but there are no meaningful results.
  • Your spread out and you need to focus

If you are looking to find out the strongest social networks for your brand, here are a few things you should concentrate on:

  • Ask your audience what problems they are facing. Do it via social media posts or survey and monitor the engagement.
  • Research the sites where your competitors are active
  • Recognize which social networks are providing you with the best results

2. Make sure you Optimize your Social Network Networks

This is one of the most crucial steps you need to carry out in order to      strengthen your social media strategy. Optimize your social media profiles and create an engaging social media bio. Make sure your profile and the header of the image are updated and clear. This means you should add keywords in your ‘about’ sections and ensure the links in your bio are working and relevant. It may seem simple, but the results you will get from this will leave you amazed.

3. Find your Future Goals

After determining your current status of each social media network, it’s now high time to set up some future goals for your brand. So, take some time to look at your analytics. From there, you’ll assess your current position and set goals where you want to see yourself by the end of the year. Don’t make your goals complicated, keep them realistic and achievable.

4. Schedule Your Content

To create a social media strategy you need to figure out what communication needs your brand will have. A content calendar or social media schedule will help you with post retention and consistency along with assisting with content to figuring out what’s working for your brand and what’s not working. It’s also a good preview for your organization or your client so that aren’t any surprises or missed opportunities with any of the post’s content.

5. Video Content- Your BIGGEST priority

You can strengthen your social media by creating more videos. 2019 will be more about video content like IGTV and Instagram stories. Why? Short video stories are easier for your audience to consume.

BONUS: Analyze!  Analyze!

Lastly, make sure your social media strategy includes analyzing activity, data, results and saving your records. Keeping a track of your followers, impressions, engagement and reach.

Hope this helps! These 6 ways can help you strengthen your social media strategy in 2019. Learn more about us or reach out directly at: Joe@UD-a.com

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