We work with incredible and inspiring Non-Profits very often.  As you can imagine, in addition to awareness and community engagement, fundraising is a very important part of the process.

The “Year-End Giving Campaign” is a great method for nonprofit organizations to meet their fundraising targets and as the year 2018 ends, by now we all know that storytelling plays an important role in the making of fundraising strategy. Storytelling not only helps to get the message out but it also has the potential to connect with the donors. A great story demonstrates the supporters effect in action. However, it is more challenging than it sounds!

The following 3 steps explain how to tell a great fundraising story:

Step 1

Look for a story that’s distinct and connects to your call to action (CTA):

When we talk about fundraising, the story needs to be distinct and should connect to your call to action. CTA is important as it prompts action.Story-telling and the support base will not have much of an impact if the action is not well defined. Therefore, in addition to a compelling story, you also need to direct the supporters to complete a particular action. Once you connect your story to CTA you will be able to see the progress towards your objective.

Step 2

The story should consist of emotions and essential details:

You should know that a strong story is built up by its emotions and the little details it provides. For instance, you can go back to a story that you read or heard. You will realize that the emotions and the little details in the story made it memorable. Once you bring the story together, go through it and ask yourself a question, How can you mold a story in a way that will reveal more details and emotions?

Supporters can find a deep emotional connection with the cause if a story is well constructed.

Here is a great example of a good story-telling by the Humane Society Silicon Valley.

Step 3

The story should be centered around the donor:

You must have heard of the term donor-centered fundraising communications. It focuses on the donors or supporters to provide them with a meaningful and worthy experience. Your story can also revolve around the donor, you can portray them as the heroes of your story.  

It is also important to tell more about your organization or the program in your story. But by making supporters the heroes of the story, you are telling them how much of a difference they make by being a part of the cause. It is important to note that the consistency in meeting the expectations of the donors is crucial to strengthen the support they are providing.

To make the donor the center of your story, you can add by saying: “We are grateful to you for being a part of this cause, without your story this would not have been made possible.”

Storytelling is an excellent strategy for fundraising. You can use the steps mentioned above to create an effective and an unforgettable year-end campaign and master the art of giving.

If you represent a Non-Profit Organization looking for more awareness, more community engagement, more fundraising ability, please reach out to us at United Digital & Associates – Joe@UD-a.com; (323) 274-7729

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