We are incredibly fortunate to work with inspiring Non-Profits very often.  As you can imagine, in addition to awareness and community engagement, fundraising is a very important part of the process. Social media and website effective can be a HUGE part of this success.

Every website owner wants to get as many visitors on their website, but only a few succeed in making them stay and visit more often. If you have created a nonprofit website and want to grab the attention of more visitors, then all you need to do is convince them with your content, media, and images. Obviously, this will take time, budget and a lot of effort. In this post, we are going to share about a few tips that will help you to create a killer nonprofit website content. So, let’s get to it…

1. Define your goals precisely

Determine what do you want after your visitors read the content on your nonprofit website.  Do you want them to download a file? E-Book?  Brochure? Or do you want them to submit a donation via the website? Or fill out a form? When you know the answers to these questions, you can easily craft your content accordingly.

2.  Be passionate about your website

Many non-profits often make a common mistake and that is not being passionate about their own website. No attention to donation and boring mission statements can make visitors feel bored and they might leave the website. So, to start off, make your content inviting, exciting and passionate. Develop a strong voice that relates to your audience. Think about something that inspires your visitor and provides them with the same level of motivation.

3.  Use Personalized Language

Adding a personal touch to the content of your website will definitely grab the attention of the visitors. Think about the type of content your audience can relate with. If your audience are the donors, think about the reasons why they should get connected to your mission.Talk to your audience according to their level. Be basic, be easy. Don’t create barriers that can formalize the language.

BONUS: Talk in Sections

Usually, people love things that are visually appealing and when it comes to content, if you talk in section, it will be more understood. When you are writing for a website, divide what you write into sections so that the one visiting your website is able to quickly scan the content before he/she decides to read the actual information. Your content can be as long as you wish it to be, but do not forget to talk in points.

Adding quality content to your website not only enhances the website but it also helps to convince the reader to take action without any personal communication. If you can convey the message of your content in a more personal, easy to understand and a passionate way, then you will be successful in rousing a response from your reader.

 If you represent a Non-Profit Organization looking for more awareness, more community engagement, more fundraising ability, please reach out to us at United Digital & Associates – Joe@UD-a.com; (323) 274-7729


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