“A picture is worth a thousand words”, this famous phrase holds true for an Instagram profile picture.

When someone finds your Instagram page, the first thing people look at is your profile picture. The profile image reflects what you and your label are all about and it also helps to stand out amongst the other Instagram stories feed.

Choosing an Instagram profile display picture may seem to be a simple and easy job, but you should make certain that you have a perfect shot that grabs the attention of everyone who’s visiting your profile for the very first time.

So are you ready to attract new visitors! Here are 7 ways for selecting the perfect Instagram profile picture:

1. Keep an Instagram Profile Picture of your Brand Logo

If your business is on Instagram, then putting your brand logo or a short version of the logo as an Instagram profile display picture is a perfect choice. It will not only help to build brand recognition but will also ensure that anyone who visits your Instagram feed will be immediately introduced to the logo of your brand and will be able to identify your brand.

And if your profession is something personal like a photographer, life coach or an influencer then you can use a headshot of yourself as a profile picture because this will help you to directly introduce yourself to the ones visiting your Instagram page.

2. Get the Aesthetics of your Instagram Profile Picture Right

You should set your profile picture according to the overall aesthetics of Instagram. Think of your profile picture as a beautiful and valuable addition to your profile, it should feel like apart of the rest of the grid. Ensure to edit your profile picture the same way as other pictures in your grid to make it look more attractive.

And if you are strictly following one color scheme for all your Instagram images, then try to incorporate the same in your profile picture too. If you consider your profile picture to be separate from the other images in your page, it may distort the rest of the Instagram aesthetic that you created for your profile.

3. Keep your Instagram Profile Picture Updated

It is very crucial to update your Instagram profile picture every now and then. It will not give the right impression if it’s summertime and your profile picture is clicked with a Christmas tree. A new visitor who will visit your profile might get the wrong impression that you are not active on Instagram, or you didn’t bother to update your Instagram profile picture in over six months. Therefore, in spite of selecting a profile picture that is clicked during a season, select an image that can be used at any time of the year.

Your profile picture should have a normal background, the one that is not connected to any specific moment. This way you can set your profile picture for a longer time.

Remember that, if you have multiple social media accounts for your business then you might want to keep the same image as your profile picture everywhere to build brand recognition and consistency.

4. Adjust your Instagram Profile Picture to the Perfect Size

Not sure about what size your Instagram profile picture should be? Do not worry we’ve got you covered!

The Instagram profile picture should be a square of 110 x 110 pixels. Do not increase or decrease your pixels way too much as Instagram will then automatically crop your image to a circle.

To change your profile display picture you can tap ‘Change Profile Picture’ option. You can either choose a profile image from your files or you can even select it from your Facebook account. 

You can also see a preview of what your profile image will look like in a circle once it has been cropped. Before uploading the picture make sure that your Instagram profile picture is well centered inside the circular frame. Note that the part of your image that is grey area will be eventually cropped out.

5. Background of your Instagram Profile Picture should be  Appropriate

If your current profile picture of Instagram is a headshot, then it is very crucial to consider the background of the photograph.

To stand out amongst the rest of the Instagram profiles you need to make sure that the background of your profile image is bright in color. Keep in mind that the background does not over power the subject of the image, which is you!

Note that you should be the focus of your profile picture and not your background. Choose different colors and textures for your background and see which one fits the best. Always remember to stick with the Instagram aesthetics while selecting a background for your Instagram display picture.

6.  Make Use of Props in your Instagram Profile Picture

Try to make use of props in your Instagram profile picture, preferably something related to your profession. For instance, if you are a photographer, then you can hold a camera and if you area cake baker then you can hold a piece of cake in your hands.

Keep in mind that your Instagram profile pictures should is all about displaying the brand and your identity at the same time. So including a few props in your profile picture will help you to attract visitors to your Instagram page.

7. Your Logo and your Headshot should be the Focus of your Profile Picture

The logo and your headshot should be well centered in a profile picture. You should remember that your profile image appears to be very small on a smartphone screen, you can neither zoom the picture nor expand it. Therefore, to make your logo clear and easy to be seen it needs to be placed in the center of the circular frame.

And if you want to use your own picture, select an image of yours in which your face can be clearly visible and is placed at the forefront of the frame. Your profile visitors might not recognize you if your image is far away from the frame.

Now Let’s have a look on how to update your Instagram Profile Picture

Once you’ve selected your new Instagram profile image, then it just takes a few more clicks to update it on the Instagram application. Follow the steps below to update your profile picture:

  • Visit your Instagram profile page, and then select the option ‘Edit Profile’ which is located above your bio section
  • You will then be taken to a page where all the details of your Instagram profile will be mentioned. But you just want to click on the ‘Change Profile Picture’ option which is located and highlighted below the current profile picture.
  • After you click the option, various other options will be reflected on your phone screen for choosing the picture from other platforms like facebook, twitter, media library or taking a picture right there and then. 
  • Once you have chosen the picture, then you can pinch the screen to zoom the picture in and out to fit it accordingly inside the circular frame.
  • Once you are satisfied with the placement of the profile picture, hit the save option. Voila! Your new profile picture will now be updated to your profile page.

Simple Right?

Updating your Instagram profile image every now and then creates a huge impact on your audience. By following the ways mentioned above to select the perfect profile picture, you are sure to turn heads!

So What are you waiting for? Go to your Instagram profile and update your profile picture right away.

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