What is your perspective?  What do you see?

Maybe a better question is, “what do you choose to see?”

If our company takes four professionals to a museum in downtown Los Angeles:

The architect might see a building, its sight lines, the certain way the people and the light flow.

The designer notes the craftsmanship and style in the way the art is framed and hung.

The lighting designer immediately notices the new LEDs.

Lastly the art dealer looks at each artist name and explains their career arc.

When you read a social media post, or attend a successful event or experience an innovation, what do you see?

Do you acknowledge the skills, talent, and risk of the people behind it?

Do you see the collaboration and strategy that went into it?

Some people are willingly blind to the process and that’s okay. Others view each example as a special process. Yet others still manage to connect the dots in the pattern and notice the details and the teamwork that created the final product.

Every project Untied Digital works on is a collaboration between artists, craftspersons, creators.  Each perspective is shared and debated until a direction is taken an a manager oversees the project until completion.

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