In our world there are many deliverables.  In a weekly basis we are creating written-based, graphic-based and video-based content for dozens of projects.   We are putting our activities and results on paper to deliver monthly and quarterly reports.  Often most importantly, our work and services are delivering profitable results.  But there are many valuable ways to “deliver” and “receive”. 

We know “deliverables” are worth a lot to the intended, paying recipient, but in the broader scheme what is a deliverable worth to you?

We all know what normal “deliverables” looks like. It’s what happens when a qualified person (or company) does their job, meets their goal and keeps their promise.

But extraordinary “deliverables” are more rare than we might hope. It’s when a company surprises the system, and maybe even the company themselves, by delivering something unexpected, well beyond the common standard. Steve Jobs did this.  Elon Musk continues to do this.  Extraordinary “deliverables” creates legendary  careers. It’s a breakthrough in the average, the status quo, a turn in a previously assumed power dynamic.

Extraordinary “deliverables” changes not only the recipient, but the deliverer as well.

So yes, its value rises quite a bit. The opportunity to deliver a presentation in a professional setting is priceless. The internship or summer job where you can quite liberally level up, showing the community and yourself exactly what you’re capable of — well, that’s worth more than the tuition money you spent going to college.

The hard part isn’t the work. The hard part is understanding that this is your chance to do more than you’re expected.  This is a rare moment to leap.

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