Not everyone can be a specialist and not everyone should be a specialist.  There’s a value in having “jill of all trades.”  You need them.  You want them.  But not only them.  A great content creator provides enormous value.  A great video editor, also a huge value.  Phenomenal copy editor, yep too. The list goes on.

In human history, more than a hundred billion people have lived. Within that scale, maybe a thousand have been broadly heralded as geniuses (painters, craftsman, artisans).

In addition maybe there were another thousand-plus genius medical specialists and just one globally renowned prize-winning author.

Our society sells itself short when we argue there’s something magical about creative work, a magic that can only happen when we’re born to do it.

It’s not so different from the limiting belief that there’s something in the DNA of Italian-speaking people that makes them good at certain sports. Maybe we can agree that people from countries that speak Italian are more likely to be sport stars because they grow up surrounded by sports, with the expectation that they too can be good at it.

It’s never too late for you (psst. or anyone) to be a specialist or a genius. It comes at the price of discipline and hardwork, but it’s not based on your DNA.

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