What does our company sell?  Social media marketing?  Websites?  Video Production?  Branding?  From a company point of view, yes these are true.

I truly don’t believe that myself or anyone at my company does “sales.”  No.  We are not transactional.  We are relationship-based. Most of our clients are on-going. We offer opportunities all the time.  We listen and make suggestions to help your company.  We provide values and ask for compensation if you choose to follow-through with them.

If you must use the word “sale”, we’re selling connection or forward motion. We can sell a new method of thinking, maybe a stronger chance to make a difference in a meaningful way. Or maybe just maybe we’re selling possibility or generosity.

Some companies are selling the cost of time and effort, not money.  But if you’re thinking bigger and trying to influence change to happen, then I suppose you’re “selling” something.

Perhaps it is most accurate to say, “I’m not selling something aggressively, penetrating your space, taking your attention and pushing you to do something that doesn’t match your goals.”

Sales goals are different at each company.  Make sure the company you align yourself with has the goal you (or your brand) is most comfortable with.

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