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Who is Joe Winger?

I am a Producer and Director for feature films and commercials.  I started producing video ads back in 2008 when Facebook became popular and our creative agency clients were asking for them. 

I started producing social media video …and people liked them!

Just over 10 years and 1,000’s videos later, myself and a small team are dedicated to making unique, premium video ads that actually convert, without the price tag!

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Just a Few of Our Client Success Stories


With 10+ years of experiences, we’ve brought results for:

 celebrity brands,

global corporations,

state and national non-profits,


live events,


Years of working together and successful collaborations.

Joey Kramer's
Rockin'& Roastin' Coffee


Joey Kramer, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer of the Legendary band Aerosmith, created Rockin’ & Roastin’ an e-commerce and retail coffee brand.


Joey wanted to grow his social media audience creating more website traffic  and website sales.


Joe created messaging strategies and digital media campaigns.  More than 100,000 fans joined the communities, participated and visited the website.  Sales and awareness grew promoting both e-commerce and retail locations.

Client Testimonial

“I really appreciate and trust Joe’s work. He delivered the services and results that he promised. He and his team made a noticeable difference with our brand, our customers and our sales.”

Thunderbird Spirit Water


Thunderbird Spirit Water is a 3-time FineWaters award-winning, premium bottled water.


Thunderbird Spirit Water is a premium water brand looking to grow its audience and sales campaigns.


Joe created a messaging strategy and digital media campaigns that defined the audience and created branded campaigns.  The audience grew and community engagement soared to hundreds of engagements per post. 

Client Testimonial:

 “Joe and his team do great work. They built our brand messaging, grew our customer base and helped us globally.”

LA Wine Fest


LA WineFest is Los Angeles’s oldest and longest-running consumer-facing food and wine live event.


LA WineFest wanted to expand to more locations, more sponsors, more media influence, more ticket sales.


The festival thrived!  Expanded both North and South  locations, many more sponsors, countless media opportunities featuring Joel and higher ticket sales each year.

Client Testimonial:

“Joe helped me grow my brand and has helped me make vital decisions year after year.  I trust and respect his opinions.” 

Las Vegas Global
Wine Spirit Award


Las Vegas businessman Eddie Rivkin wanted to expand his brand awareness and submission sales for his annual wine & spirit competition.


Eddie was looking for more media awareness and more sales from competition submissions.


Joe created a messaging strategy that highlighted the event’s most powerful asset — its acclaimed judges — via video, pictures and graphics.  The event had record submission sales and its success was highlighted by globally respected  Forbes Magazine.

Client Testimonial

Joe’s work helped us grow and be recognized by bigger partners.  His work brought us bigger and better sales and opportunities.”

Dr. Liana


Dr. Liana Georgeoulis is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and media consultant.


Dr. Liana wanted to transform her website, her social media and create a video series highlighting her specialties and personality.


Joe designed a new website, had new pictures taken and produced a series of videos starring Dr. Liana.  Her audience grew more than 110%.

Client testimonial:

Joe is very creative and helpful.  With his support, I was able to grow my business and my media consultation.”

John Truby's
Writers Studio


Truby’s Writer Studio is a globally respected and trusted  author, screenwriter and story consultant on dozens of projects and best-selling writers seminars. 


John was looking to refresh his website, create promotional videos and grow his online buying audience.


Joe redesigned his website with all new visuals, brought in 10,000+ new online audience and produced a series of videos starring John Truby.

Client Testimonial

Joe has been enormously helpful growing my audience and my sales.  I trust his opinion.”

Salon de Manucure


Salon de Manucure is a popular Sherman Oaks, CA-based beauty salon.


The owners wanted a new website that matched their upscale beauty brand, grow their online buying audience and promote their e-commerce sales and in-person location.


Joe redesigned their website with all new visuals, emphasizing their happy customer experience and yelp reviews for 10,000+ new online audience.

Client Testimonial:

Joe’s work and ideas on our website and digital media helped us grow and inspired me as a business owner.”

Malindi Fickle, filmmaker Suck It Up Buttercup


Malindi Fickle is a multi-award winning filmmaker whose latest project earned over 36 nominations and 17 wins.


Building a marketing campaign that would sell in-person tickets to live festival screenings, build buzz for future screenings and create collateral for a sale at the end of the festival run.


Joe created local campaigns at each festival starring the visting cast and crew from the fest with local businesses. Promoting screenings 6-8 weeks out, like a concert or festival.   Sharing behind the scenes fun and awards passion with the online audience.  Ultimately selling the film to a distribution powerhouse.  

Client Testimonial:

Joe is fantastic!  We had a great festival run.  He helped us grow audience and leverage that audience into awards, ticket sales and an acquisition.  I’m already working with him on my next project.”

(Recording Artists Against Drink Driving)


RADD was founded in 1984 and re-established in 2008 with the support of Grammy-winning music stars to prevent drunk driving. 


Refresh their website to match modern college audience.  Create and track results on a strategy tio show student are inspired by the message.


Joe built a new website that included music, visuals, videos and behind the scenes metrics to gauge visitors and behavior. Then used online and in-person activations to promote the website and platforms.  The audience grew over 500,000% annually.

Client Testimonial

“Joe has been an enormous help growing our brand, growing our audience and helping us accomplish our mission.”



University of Southern California’s Annual charity 5k run to benefit and support prostate cancer.


Grow an online community and live event ticket sales


Joe created a communication strategy that included promotion at other races as well as leveraging pride and excitement around USC’s legacy.  The event sold-out and has become one of their most popular annual medical fundraisers. 

Client Testimonial:

“We are very proud and very grateful for the work Joe and his team did for our mission, Thank you!” 



C5LA changes the odds for high-potential teens from under-resourced communities by inspiring them to pursue personal success.


Using the student made marketing material, target new donors and compel them to support via social media and e-commerce. 


Joe created marketing storylines where donors got to know select students, formed  emotional bonds and were asked to support the students as they pursued their educational dreams.  The donation campaign was successful.

Client Testimonial

“Thank you to Joe and his team for their expertise, help and support helping us achieve our goals.”

Green & Lean


A residential construction company that specializes in “green renovation.”  Flipping homes with pro-environmental factors.


Create marketing campaigns that attract like-minded vendors and partners as well as campaigns that attract buyers to homes.


Joe created a new  website, branding, social media and a newsletter to share the messaging and themes of the company.  With his work, I had a great team and we sold the houses quickly.

Client Testimonial

“Joe used his media and marketing muscles to bring our company into the modern world.  I’m very thankful.”