Our Approach

Every project offers a special approach.  That's the fun part.  As a team of specialists we brainstorm and develop the strategy that brings the best results. Then, along with your feedback, we are ready to execute and bring the results that you expect!

Our Story

As United Digital & Associates grows toward our 10-year anniversary it allows time to reflect.

We started as a small and passionate team who wanted to help others get great results on the internet.  As we grow, these two core values become more important.  Every member of our team is passionate to help and we are committed to bringing great results!

Joe Wehinger

Founder & CEO

Joe Wehinger is an award-winning director, producer and entrepreneur who leads a team of filmmakers, creative writers, graphic designers and web designers to help companies bring their stories, products and services to audiences in remarkable ways.

His services combine multiple platforms including website, smart phone, video, and social media. Each project receives strategy for awareness, high levels of engagement and growth for on-going brand loyalty.

Over the past 10 years, Joe and his team have worked with hundreds of companies from around the world including: authors, media brands, music artists, charities, live events, schools and industrial professionals. 

Joe is a Kodak Film Scholar, a member of the Directors Guild of America, a member of the LA Advertising Society, a member of We Are LA Tech.  He has spoken at The Women's Steering Committee, One Note, Ink Tip.



Next Steps...

Have questions?  Give us a call or send a note.  We'd love to help you out!