I’ve known Caroline for about a decade.  We met working on a client’s project (an author) and not only did we both bring great results, but we got along very well also.

In 2018, Caroline invited me to participate in a book marketing column for City Book Review. I was flattered by the suggestion and very excited to help out.  We are contributing several columns over the next few months.

Here is the first one.  It touches upon setting up your Facebook Fan page, building up your Facebook community and Facebook advertising.

The next column will get a little deeper into how to bring results

Facebook offers authors a simple, yet multi-faceted, platform to reach a worldwide audience and sell their books. We’ve come a long way from the days of being dependent on a publisher for distribution and sales. Thank goodness. It is now incumbent on authors to learn the basics of promotion and advertising. This article covers setting up your Facebook business Page, posting content, Facebook ads, and analytics.

And more….

Pro Tip #1:  Populate your Facebook Page with a handful of posts before you announce to others that it’s up. This offers viewers content to engage with right away.

There are a few different kinds of posts:  i.e., a short post that links to a full blog entry on your website or a complete post on Facebook (that ideally doesn’t run longer than about four paragraphs and links to your site at the end). Most posts should have a photo or graphic to grab attention. It’s also important to start with a short, catchy title or opening line.

Here’s a little it about Caroline:

CAROLINE O’CONNELL founded her author publicity firm 25 years ago, so, naturally, she’s steeped in traditional media pitches and has booked her clients on every major national TV show and print outlet. She is also a travel guidebook author, so she understands an author’s priorities.


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