Retargeting is a great way to follow-through with online customers; and often converts those browsing customer into buyers. A common statistic shows 2% of visitors make a purchase on their first trip to an online store. Retargeting works by keeping track of those visitors after the exit and displays retargeted ads to them (to remind them of your store and your products) as they visit other sites on line.

Below are 7 highly effective ways to retarget, both on-site and off-site.

Retargeting on-site events is a re-engagement and up-sell tool. Here we attempt to retain and convert existing customers that have already visited your website:

1. Site: Target individuals based on specific products viewed, actions taken or not taken (ie. abandon their shopping cart)

2. SEO / SEM: Target individuals vis search engine results based on how they arrived at your website.

3. Email: Target individuals who are interacting with you email programs.

Retargeting off-site events. It’s a prospecting tool. Here we attempt to add new customers to your website’s sales funnel who haven’t previously engaged with your site.

1. Search: Target individuals based on recent search engine results they’ve executed on Google, Yahoo, Bing

2. Social: Target individuals who consume similar content to your existing customers.

3. Engagement: Target individuals who have interacted with distributed content (a Facebook post, expendable video, online game/app)

4. Contextual: Target individuals who have visited a partner site that shares a similar interest / topic to your own site.

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