Effective advertising is a combination of research, targeting, reach, and messaging. Regardless of the reach you have or the platform your message is on (Facebook, YouTube, other social media, or even traditional media), there are a few vital steps to to help create the results you want.

The content of the ad determines it’s response. Some make a lasting impression and sell alot of products / services, while others fall flat and fail to generate sales.

The below ideas can be for selling products or services. For the sake of ease and clarity, we’re gonna stick with “products”.

Here are 5 major (and 3 supporting) Tips for Effective Advertisement writing.

1. Gain attention

When an ad fails to gain attention, it fails totally because the audience has stopped reading. Visuals grab attention. Think about your related audience. Does a woman in a bikini help sell a car? Does a toddler help sell baby food?

2. Focuses on the Customer

Always start with the audience in mind, not the product. Speak directly to your audience and identify their preferences: quirks, behavior, attitude, needs.

3. Stresses Benefits

Always focus on the benefit first and explain with credibility. You can include the product’s feature in order to convince the audience that the benefit can be delivered as promised.

4. Differentiate your product from the competition

Make your product stand out in your audience’s mind.

5. Prove its case

Often times skeptical consumers won’t accept your claim at face value. Instead back up your claims with proof that your product is better, faster, cheaper, etc

6. Establishes credibility

The prospective audience often asks “who are you?” The audience isn’t asking for your story, but rather for how your story directly relates to your ability to provide your product.

7. Builds value

In a crowded market (which at this point most are), we can’t just show value, but rather we have to show that our value exceeds our price. In other words, it’s a great deal.

8. Closes with a call to action

Every post you create is designed to make a change — be it your audience’s opinion, attitude, purchasing habits, brand loyalty. To start that change happening your post needs to clearly, deliberately, specifically ask your audience to take action, and how. Click here, visit a website, make a phone call.

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